Lit Curls Anti-Shrinkage Curl Weights

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Use Lit Curls, Anti-Shrinkage Curl Weights to avoid “shrinkage” of your natural 3a-4c hair after products have been applied. Lit Curls, Anti-Shrinkage Curl Weights stretch and elongate your natural curl pattern so that you can display the maximum length of your natural curly hair. Apply to the end of your hair while drying.  Curl weights are super soft to avoid breakage and nice and heavy!  Get the "hang time" that you always wanted! 

  • Lit Curls, Anti-Shrinkage Curl Weights (5 Curl Weights)

If you have long thick hair, or hair that requires a serious amount of “anti-shrinkage” help, consider purchasing two or three packages of hair weights.  Add lots of hair weights for maximum hair stretching. Shipping 7-10 days. This product is not returnable or refundable.  Orders can not be cancelled.