Lit Curls makes coarse and very coarse natural hair curly, shiny and keeps it that way with daily upkeep until wash day.   It works well to style Afro type hair.  BUT,  USING LIT CURLS IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE.  Lit Curls does not chemically alter your hair.  You must try it a few times to get the best results for YOUR HAIR.  This guide will help with common problems

First things first...This is a natural hair product.  This product will not work on relaxed, texturized, jerri curl, wave neavu or otherwise chemically processed hair. (Colored hair is fine)

Q:  My hair came out hard.... what did I do WRONG?

A:  Although Lit Curls works well to style natural hair, Lit Curls works a little differently on each hair type.  Try again using LESS STEP 3.  Step 3 is a holding gel that keeps your curls in place.  You need step three so that your hair does not dry puffy and out of control.  Too much step 3 leaves your hair hard.  

 Q:  My hair came out greasy....what did I do wrong?

A:  When applying Lit Curls, use less step two and more step three.  Natural afro type hair tends to be extra dry.  Step two is in intense natural hair butter that moisturizes and elongates your curl pattern so your hair does not become dry and break off.

 Q:  My hair came out puffy after it dried... what did I do wrong?

A:  When applying Lit Curls, make sure you apply an ample amount of step three and less of step one and two.  Step one and two moisturize your hair and elongate your curl pattern.  Step three is a holding gel that holds the curl pattern that you can clearly see, in place.                  

Q:  My hair came out straight in some parts.... what did I do WRONG?

A: Sometimes the Lit Curls product actually weighs too much for your hair and straightens it out. NO PROBLEM. After applying Lit Curls to your hair and before you dry it, try the following tips.  First give it a minute to curl up on its own, some of us have "slow to curl hair".  The straight effect can occur even if your hair is very coarse and afro textured.  What you need to do is simply "finger curl"  or "shingle" your hair in small sections. This means take small sections of your hair and wrap it around your finger to make the curl pattern. "Scrunching" your hair will also work in this case to help make the curl pattern. This means, grab a handful of hair and crush it or ball it up to make a curl pattern.  Two strand twists also work to make the curl pattern.  Key thing is that after your make the curl pattern with the Lit Curls applied to your hair. DON'T TOUCH IT UNTIL IT DRIES.

Q:  I did not get the curls I wanted, I have short natural hair...WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

A:  Apply the Lit Curls product as directed.  After you have applied step three, you must employ the "screw technique" to help define your curl pattern.  What you do is take a small section of hair and twist it as though your were screwing a screw driver.  This is not two strand twisting.  This is screwing. Also know as one strand twisting.  Do this and do not manipulate your hair until it is DRY.

Q:  Where do I go to request help applying the product?

A.  Click on the page that says "It didn't work" leave a message and we will schedule a factime or zoom call so that we can help you work out the problems applying the product.