First things first...This is a natural hair product.  This product will not work on relaxed, texturized, jerri curl, wave neavu or otherwise chemically processed hair. (Colored hair is fine)



Lit Curls works wonderfully for almost everyone that tries the product but sometimes, you need a little help.  Nobody likes to waste money; but you have to apply it right!  If it did not work for you, you did not apply it right. You need our help. Let us help you!

This product WILL work for you! No Joke. Even tough to work with 4c or 4z hair.  Natural hair products are 60% the product and 40% how you apply it. 

Let us show you how to apply this to YOUR HAIR/YOUR HAIR TYPE with a free private consultation via Zoom video call.  BTW- no need to wait and try to apply  it by yourself first!  If you bought the product, and want the help to start with, simply schedule us!  We have had 99.99% success with clients that have accepted our help.

Just so you know... We will never leave you hanging!  We ALWAYS answer ALL emails.  Just reach out to us and we are happy to help you right away.
We are available M-Sat. (no holidays or Sundays) via email.  All emails are answered within a maximum of 24 hours. Make sure you check your spam folder if you do not get our response. We always respond.


Explain your situation and we will reply quickly with a link so that you can schedule your Zoom meeting. Let get you going with Lit Curls!