About Us

Lit Curls is an African American natural hair care product.  Lit Curls was created by black women for black women.  We are owned and operated by black women.  Our Founder is Loretta Lancaster.
Most hair care products, approximately 99% are NOT OWNED by black people but are marketed and sold to black and brown people. Our founder finds this fact a terrible disservice to people of color because you need to HAVE black hair to UNDERSTAND black hair.
Our Founder believes that black people, and black hair is beautiful!
Lit Curls is made by black people for black people with natural beautiful black textured hair.
Lit Curls is a Maryland corporation founded in 2020.  Our mailing address is 145 Fleet Street #327 National Harbor, Maryland 20745 
Telephone: 240-334-7592
We are best reached by email: